2019 Bosphorus Regional

The 2019 Bosphorus Regional will be the second official regional held in 2019 in Turkey. Thirty-one teams are expected to attend the regional from Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, and Libya! It will be held on March 5-7th, 2019 at Ülker Spor ve Etkinlik Salonu.

Due to rapid team growth in Turkey in 2018-2019, it was decided that in order to support the team growth, we would hold two smaller events, rather than one large event. There are 80 teams from Turkey competing in the 2019 FIRST DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE season. We look forward to seeing a full house, and wish to remind all who read this that these events are free and open to the public! You do not have to be related to the program at all to come visit. It’s a fun event to be seen by all! See you at the regional!

An up-to-date team list is, and the results of the event will be available here

You will be able to watch the event live online here